Ship Happens

The digital signage industry is a worldwide marketplace, which means for you to get the goods, there is likely to be some shipping involved. Logistics companies deal with millions of packages daily. That means, in their eyes, your slick new LED touch screen might not look very different than a box of rocks would.

Thankfully, there are precautions you can take to make sure your screens are taken care of in the event of the occasional (but inevitable) mishap. Is it glass, what happens if it gets wet? Should I insure it, or just roll the dice? I am no insurance salesman, but here are my three key points before I decide whether or not to insure an item.

• What happens if it’s left outside in the rain- will it fry, or won’t it?
• What happens if Johnny Haste decides to see how far the package can fly through the shipping warehouse to save a few steps- will it break?
• What would happen if I stacked five feet of other heavy freight on this box- would it and its contents be crushed?

There are many more variables to consider, but the bottom line is, high dollar items are worth the extra couple of bucks to insure. Otherwise, you might end up with a really neat, but really permanent effect like this. No Photoshop brush required.


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