Is Free Digital Signage software really “Free”?

Several times a week I’m contacted by folks who are looking to upgrade from the free digital signage software they’ve been using for a more robust and “user friendly” software.

The caller is often from the IT department and the feedback is basically the same – the software is cumbersome to use and the features are very limited.

So the question becomes is using free digital signage software really “free” when you consider the extra labor costs incurred to schedule content?    Most well scripted digital signage software is coded in a fashion that allows for non-technical staff to quickly and easily update content.  Unfortunately most free software requires the user to be technically savvy and therefor the job of managing digital signage content is assigned to technical staff at a higher cost.

Additionally, if the free digital signage software is just a fancy version of PowerPoint which allows you to have multiple zones and schedule content, but features such Live Data Integration, Interactively, Live TV, and Emergency Messaging to name a few are extra paid features, how much are you really saving?

Regardless of your industry, the idea behind digital signage is to provide the end-user with useful information in a cost efficient manner.  So when you consider the extra time it takes for paid employees to use the free software and the cost of paying for features that are already included in other software platforms, are you really saving money?


  1. Hey we need a programmer to make simpler software for our clients to use, email me back or how to contact you on this issue.