Day-parting Relevant Messages with Digital Signage

Offering time-appropriate messages based on the changing interests or demographics of the audience throughout the course of a day is an art that TV networks have long understood. For example, Saturday morning cartoons primarily have an audience of kids. As an advertiser, cereal, toys and games appeal to this group. By contrast, the Saturday afternoon viewer is likely a sports-minded male. Shifting advertising from toys and games to beer and pick-up trucks seems to be the simple transition to make.

This same concept holds true with digital signage. Day-parting dramatically improves message relevance, and digital signage by its very nature can respond to the changing demographics better than print. But just like TV networks, digital singage has to follow the same steps.

Step 1: ask yourself these questions

  • Who is my audience at a certain day and time?
  • How does the audience change throughout the day?
  • How many “demographic groups” are present throughout the day? Is there a difference between the weekdays and weekends?

Step 2: Once you have the answers in step one, answer the questions in step two

  • What products/services are appealing to this group?
  • What behavior are you trying to create/adjust?

Step 3: Once you have the first two steps complete and all the questions have answers, proceed to step three which is the creation and scheduling of the content.

Identifying your customer is key to relevant messaging. Whether you’re a bank, hotel, or restaurant (or in any other industry), you know your customer and who tends to visit when. Digital signage can fit any industry, and can adjust to any demographic change. Accept who the demographic is, what messages they are likely to respond to, and LEVERAGE it!

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