Content is King

“Content is King” We’ve all heard this industry catch phrase and it’s true. Having started my career in advertising, I understand the processes needed for a successful Digital Signage deployment and one of the key elements is the message you’re broadcasting to the end-user.

Studies have shown that consumers have become very sophisticated over the years and can quickly determine whether a message is relative or not. In the real world you have about three seconds to make enough of an impression that the user will examine your message more deeply.

If they determine that there is no valuable content or the content is stale and undirected, they will just plain ignore it.

Now the real big preoblem is not that the content is initialy ignored, but that over a period of time, users will be trained to ignore all the content on a display if it does not meet the basic requirements.

You’ve spent the money on the hardware, now spend a little time and effort on the contents of your signage. And by the way, Connectedsign can help you with that!


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