5 Ways Digital Signage Is Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

I bet you never thought that digital signage and your Thanksgiving turkey had much in common. After all, one’s a hunk of metal and the other is a holiday feast. But here are five ways that digital signage is like a Thanksgiving turkey:

1. Star of the show

No one goes to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving saying, “I can’t wait to eat those carrots!” It’s called Turkey Day, after all. Just like the juicy turkey everyone is dying to sink their teeth into, digital signage can command the attention of an entire room. A sign with dynamic content can captivate viewers and keep them coming back for more.

2. Require some planning and time management

You wouldn’t begin preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people an hour ahead of time—you’d spend days planning how much food you’ll need, when to pop the turkey in the oven, and exactly how long it needs to cook to perfection. So why wouldn’t you put some time and thought into what your employees and customers see every day? A great digital sign requires some consideration and a time investment to ensure you’re not serving up half-baked content.

3. Everyone has a favorite piece

Uncle Joe loves dark meat, but Cousin Sheila will only eat white meat. Similarly, some people will watch your sign for 20 minutes and take away only the five day forecast that was playing in the corner. But another person may leave talking about the company picnic announcement. Everyone is different and will appreciate different aspects of your content.

4. Better with all the trimmings

Turkey is great, but what’s turkey without the stuffing and cranberry sauce? Digital signs are also better with the extras. Include the little things people enjoy, like a stock ticker or news feed. Like gravy, if done correctly, they will complement the overall product not detract from it.

5. Presentation is everything

Picture a delicious, juicy Thanksgiving turkey—I bet it’s perfectly browned and served up on grandma’s fancy platter. You wouldn’t serve your family a mangled turkey on a paper plate, and you shouldn’t present digital signage poorly either. You may have great content that is useful for your viewers, but unless it looks great too, no one will even take a second look.

So present your audience with a complete, impressive display—don’t serve the digital signage version of a dried out, lackluster Thanksgiving turkey.

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