3 Reasons Your Church Should Upgrade to Digital Signage

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Every week, the once quiet foyer of your church is filled with the hustle and bustle of the Sunday morning crowd. You have important ministry updates and mission trip details to share, but communicating this information to hundreds of members and guests can be quite a challenge. That’s where digital signage comes in. Here are three reasons your church should make the switch to digital:

1. Digital signage will help your guests.

Walking into a crowded church on a Sunday morning can be a bit overwhelming for a first-time visitor, but digital signage can help guests feel more comfortable. Located in the foyer, a digital sign can welcome visitors and share important information about your church. You can also provide wayfinding to nurseries, classrooms, and restrooms on digital kiosks so visitors don’t feel lost.

 2. Digital signage will facilitate communication more effectively.

Digital signage can provide several pieces of information to your congregation at once when divided into multiple zones. In one region you can inform members of upcoming community events or ministry opportunities, while providing important weather and traffic conditions in another. You can quickly alert parents to pick up their children from the nursery or inform everyone of an emergency. Digital signage also allows you to broadcast services in overflow rooms so people never need to be turned away for lack of space in the sanctuary.

3. Digital signage will save your church money.

The initial investment in digital signage will quickly pay for itself. Displaying hymns on a digital sign will save thousands on costly hymnals. And replacing printed weekly bulletins with digital announcement boards saves time and funds dedicated to producing internal communications.  Switch to digital signs and use your congregation’s tithes wisely.

Keep your congregation informed without digging too far into the offering plate by switching to digital signage.

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